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Kitty Care

I offer looking after your cat whilst you are away in their own home. I will come and feed and water them and stay and play with them or give them a lap to sit on.



I will clean out litter trays, if they are used and can also administer medication if needed.



Each visit is priced at £10 per visit.

Small and Furry Friends Services

This really covers your furry caged animals! We are especially fond of guinea pigs in this family but will also cater for friendly rabbits, hamsters and rats.

I provide two services - one at your own home (£10 per visit) and one if your pet stays with me (£6 per day).

Typical hutches at my home. Also a run is provided for daily exercise and variety.

UPDATE: We have decided that we will only cater for your hutched animals in their own hutch, which we can collect from your home.

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