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Pet sitter and Dogs

 Our pets are very much a part of our family and we take our dogs on days out and holidays whenever possible. We have found, however, that sometimes we are restricted by the amount of time we can be out for the day because 'we have to get back for the dogs' when they can't come with us. It would be lovely to know that someone would pop in part way through the day to check on them and take them for a walk or just give them some company.

When we do go away, we rely on others so look after our other animals, but we do appreciate that our pets are better staying in their own environment.



It is to this end that I can offer the services that I have so needed in the past.



I have always grown up with dogs and have had cats and guinea pigs for the past 18 years, so call upon years of experience in order to take care and look after your furry or feathered family members. For those worried owners, who would like to know how their pet is getting on during the day, I provide SMS or MMS updates.



Dog Walking, Dog sitting, Cat Sitting, Guinea pig sitting/boarding, Chicken sitting.



Doggie daycare is available on an individually assessed basis.



If you have any other pets you would like me to consider, please do contact me.

I am fully insured and hold an enhanced CRB disclosure.

Claire: 0208 330 0745/ 07799380453 or

Please 'LIKE' my facebook page, for offers and information updates!/pawsnclawspetcareservice

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